Sculpting Hands In Zbrush Premium Course

Sculpting Hands in Zbrush Premium Course is a short timelapse and real time annotated premium course (just under 2 hours).

We are going to look at all stages of production from basic modeling with ZModeler (to have the most control of the mesh) to giving you all the necessary knowledge like proportions, bones, muscles and tendons to feel most comfortable creating your own hands.

The course has a lot of photo references as well as anatomy plates to guide through the whole process. It's not only seeing how one creates the model and what brushes to use but also explaining how to read the surface forms with the help of anatomy to understand what is what and then creating your own hands :).

You can check the short trailer to the course here:

Note: some sections in this trailer were sped up much more than what they are in the course for the purposes of this trailer.

Software used:

Zbrush 2018

What is included:

HD video files (108 minutes of content). Timelapse and real time fully annotated videos. All relevant parts are shown in real time.

Zbrush files of all stages with subdivision levels so you can follow along.

Level required:

This is not an Intro into Zbrush, very basic knowledge of Zbrush is required (where is what located). This is good to anyone from Beginner to Advanced. Beginners will learn heaps how to approach sculpting a hand and learn anatomy a lot. Intermediate and advanced users will get more knowledge on anatomy and how to recognize surface form details using anatomy.

Chapter list:

01 - Intro

02 - Hand anatomy overview

03 - Modeling the base hand with ZModeler

04 - Working on proportions

05 - Basic ZBrush setup and brushes

06 - Posing the fingers

07 - Sculpting the hand part 1

08 - Sculpting the hand part 2

09 - Outro

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  • For many of my anatomy plates in this course I have used - "Anatomy For Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure" by Uldis Zarins with Sandis Kondrats

You can find this book (and more) here -

  • I have also extensively used Gray's Anatomy plates from Wikimedia Commons.

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