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Unreal Engine 4

Sharur's Stylized Dungeon Rockwall Tutorial

In this quick tutorial I am going to go through the process of creating stylized asset, like the one in Side Scroller Stylized Dungeon pack, that was released earlier. We are going to be making a mixed size rock wall from start to finish. We will begin with blockout in Maya, then we are going to sculpt the rocks in Zbrush, texture it in Quixel Suite and Photoshop. Finally, I am going to show you, how to set it up in Unreal Engine 4. What you will get: • 5 video tutorials with narration • All of the asset files (meshes, textures and material for UE4) • Custom insert multi-mesh rock brush • Zbrush files • Unreal Engine 4 assets (walls, floors and candles from the original pack).

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