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Creating A Unique Environment in Unreal 4

Lunar Base Alpha Tutorial: This tutorial will showcase how i went about creating Lunar Base Alpha in Unreal 4. I share my thoughts and process through each stage of development providing 8+ hours of content. This is jammed packed with videos, source files AND the Unreal package/contents!

What's inside:

14 tutorial videos - each video going over topics throughout the art process Unreal 4 Package/Contents - Containing the final environment Parent shaders and materials which can then use in your own environments All Textures Sets used to create the scene High Poly Source Files - 2 Trim sheets & Detail Decal Sheet
Scene Files - in OBJ and FBX format
Trim Sheet & Detail Sheet Templates

Link to Cinematic:

Link to :

I'm really excited that I can share this with all of you, Thanks for all your support!

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