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Yagellonica Collab Pack - Large Embroidery

Elevate your creative projects with our set of Large Embroidery Brushes, exclusively designed for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. These extraordinary brushes are a collaborative effort, featuring meticulously crafted assets by Yagellonica on Deviantart, thoughtfully transferred into Clip Studio Paint and transformed into brushes with her gracious permission. You may also find these brushes available on her Deviantart gallery.

These brushes are ideal for adding intricate embroidery details to your illustrations, offering versatility with Gold, Silver, and Black & White versions. Additionally, the pack includes Curve and Continuous Curve brushes for ease of use.

Please note that these brushes are of a substantial size, and there may be the possibility of program lag while using them. Their previews are indicative of the detailed and stunning embroidery effects they can achieve.

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