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Yagellonica Collab Pack Embroidery

These gorgeous brushes were tailored exclusively for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. This exceptional collection is the fruit of a collaboration, featuring intricately crafted assets by Yagellonica on Deviantart. With her generous permission, these artistic assets have been thoughtfully transferred into Clip Studio Paint, where they've been transformed into a set of distinctive brushes that you may also find available on her Deviantart gallery.

These brushes help you add an element of intricate artistry to your illustrations. With options in Gold, Silver, and Monochrome variations, they open up a world of possibilities. Additionally, the pack offers Curve and Continuous Curve brushes for use of use.

These brushes are inspired by the fine art of embroidery. They bring an elegant and textured dimension to your work, serving as the perfect complement for infusing your creations with sophistication and grace. These brushes will help you add a touch of style to your character costumes.

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