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Shrineheart's Mega Pack 3 - 23 packs

Unleash your creativity with Mega Pack 3, exclusively designed for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. This extraordinary collection includes over 1500+ brushes to amplify your artistic journey.

Explore a world of possibilities with these meticulously crafted brush packs:

  • Cloud Pack
  • Ice Pack
  • Kodokushi Pack
  • Koritsushi Pack
  • Sketch Fur Pack
  • Mixed Patter Pack
  • Second Magic Pack
  • Chunky Paint Pack
  • Disease Pack
  • Glitter Space Pack
  • GORE-geous Pack
  • Metals Pack
  • Ink and Pencils Pack
  • Paintball Pack
  • Yagellonica Embroidery Pack
  • Yagellonica Fasteners Pack
  • Yagellonica Large Embroidery Pack
  • Yagellonica Metal Decor Pack
  • Magical Girl Pack
  • Rawvishing Pack
  • Third Skin Pack
  • Fursona Pack
  • Suisai Pack

For a comprehensive artistic experience, consider the "All You Can Eat Pack," which includes these incredible brushes and more!

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