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Realistic Girl Naked Rigged Model

What's in your package ?

  • Female Mesh

  • Seperate Eyes (rigged w/ mesh)

  • Seperate Mouth (rigged w/ mesh)

  • Rigged : Yes

  • Facial Rigging : Yes, Included

  • Hairs : Yes, Including eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • Textures : 4K textures of Skin.

  • Clothing : Model is Naked. No Clothing Included.

  • Formats : FBX, OBJ, MAX, STL, BLEND

This is a Subdivision Ready Low-Poly Model. This beautiful woman character model comes with have a detailed set of 4k texture maps. Use of SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering) Material can enhance the look of the renders.

You can contact me for assistance if needed. Feel free to contact.

Have a great experience !

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