Fur - Substance Material

Fur Substance pack contains 100% procedural material in following formats:

  • .sbs
  • .sbsar
  • Output Textures (PNG, 2048x2048 px, 16 bits, PBR - metal/rough)
  • Substance Painter smart material (.spsm)

In the Update, I added a tri-planar projection that allows us to rotate x,y,z projection planes, change tri-planar tile rate and blending contrast, turn on, and off the tri-planar projection. Position and World Space Normals are required to use tri-planar projection.

Fur Lenght/Shorteners, Curliness, Colors can be adjusted.

I found that the best way to create the fur in Substance Painter with this material is:

  1. Drag "Fur_material.sbsar" to Substance Painter shelf, define it as a base material, choose whether you want to import it to the current session, your project or shelf, and click Import.

  2. Add a layer to your project

  3. Select the projection tool (shortcut "3") and drag the "Fur_material" to the "Material mode" button to switch to the material mode.

  4. In "Channels mapping" menu choose "height" as a mask instead of "no alpha"

  5. Begin to paint the fur on your model of an animal or whatever model else with the Projection tool. Use S+Left mouse button to rotate the stencil, S+Right to zoom, and S+Middle to pan.

I used the "Basic soft" brush with "No pressure" size control.

Here is a short video on YouTube about this process of painting the fur in Substance Painter.

You can also just create a fill layer with Tri-planar or UV-projection.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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