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Low-poly Modular Stairway with Winged Lions

Modular Stairway may be transformed into many types of stairways (porch, straight or corner staircases, one, two or more floors, Unity package has prefabs)
The model has 4 materials and 4 sets of PBR (metal/rough) textures:
Lions (PNG, 8bits/channel, 2048x2048px)
Stairs (PNG, 8bits/channel, 2048x2048px for Unity and Unreal packages, 4096x4096px in Maya package)
Stone Wall (PNG, 8bits/channel, 2048x2048px, tileable)
Stone Plane (PNG, 8bits/channel, 1024x1024px, tileable)
Each material has the following textures:
Normal map (N)
Albedo (
MetallicSmoothness (MS) (metalic in RGB channel, smoothness in alpha channel)
Ambient Occlusion (
You will get the low-poly model in Unity 2017, Unreal Engine 4.15.1, FBX 2014/2015, OBJ, Maya 2016 formats and High-poly decimated model in FBX 2012 format.
Unreal package contains its own textures pack (base color, normals, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic)
The lion has 3866 triangles
Stairs and railings have 4700 triangles
The model has second UV channel for lightmap.

You will get 6 files

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