Foley: Tactical Gear & Body Armor Movements

Created on an award-winning, blockbuster cinema Foley stage this complete set of TACTICAL GEAR & BODY ARMOR MOVEMENTS features multiple takes on numerous matching surfaces - covering the bases for most games with a single sound pack!

It's all in the details... your project deserves quality audio!

This sweetener pack of tactical gear, armor, and weapon handling movements is a complete set of raw Foley recordings you can use to create hyper-realistic, immersive audio for S.W.A.T., police, riot cops, and other types of soldiers' individual movements.

Add/Mix with footsteps and experience the difference proper gear and armor Foley brings to the sound of your project!

Quality audio assets [24bit/48kHz source + 16bit/44.1kHz .wav edits]

This pack includes 14 RAW session recordings:

Armor Light Walk Armor Light Run Armor Heavy Walk Armor Heavy Run Cloth Swish Moves Stretchy Movements (use for crouch, lean, etc.) Abrupt Movements (use for pivot, dash, roll, etc.) Weapon Handling (use for raise, lower, etc.) Canvas Gear Bag Interactions Buckles and Jingly Sweeteners

PLUS + a set of 10 use-ready, precision-edited movement sweeteners - just drag and drop into your random containers or sound banks and mix to your liking!

Quality you can trust. Assets you can use. Never expensive. Always available instantly! Used by top audio producers / designers.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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