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Modular Medieval Town

Modular Medieval Village is a 3D game asset which contains a lot of building module basing on cartoon Medieval Style. You can build your own fantasy game with module house parts! The asset focuses on the way to set up as many variations of house as possible.

Demo View:

This asset contains 250 objectss and use separated texture with size 1024x1024 and 512x512

There are 10 full design houses and many other objects to create paticular of each house. Especially, each house has 2-3 variations so the number of different buildings you can have is 30 (and can be over 30 under your own arrangement)

Barrack (1 Original house + 3 variation) Bakery (1 Original house + 3 variation) Beer House (1 Original house + 3 variation) BlackSmith(1 Original house + 3 variation) Dye House(1 Original house + 3 variation) Farm House (1 Original house) Inn (1 Original house + 3 variation) Market (1 Original house + 3 variation) Potion House Pottery House (1 Original house + 3 variation) Objects and Items in the assets are so variable with more than 250objects:

Table and Chair set for each type of building Barrel Crate Bread Powder bag Fruits 3 farm fileds: tomato, carrot and radish Cloth Pole adn Ink Pigment Ceramic Jar and Pot Cereal Bag and Poweder, Milk and Honey pot for Market 3 Market Stalls 4 road pieces to create long road Tiling ground with 6 different pieces Weapons and Items for Barrack and Blacksmith 6 type of Trees Rocks and rock groups 6 type of bushes 1 Horse with 5 animations: Eat Grass: 20 - 210 Head down and eat grass: 20 - 40 Eating Grass: 40 - 183 Head up: 183 - 210 Idle: 210 - 310 Walk: 320 - 360 Run: + Slow: 410 - 434 Fast: 434 - 446

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