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Female anatomy for artists

12 hours of live sculpting with constant narration. No speedups or timelapses.

Do you make your female characters always lifelike, sexy and perfect? Do they...

12 hours of live sculpting with constant narration. No speedups or timelapses.

Do you make your female characters always lifelike, sexy and perfect? Do they always come up pretty, with nice proportions and exactly as you wanted them? Then this course is NOT for you.

But if you don't feel quite at home when drawing or sculpting human anatomy, and more specifically - female anatomy, then you've come to the right place!

In this course we will create a female body and head from scratch. I will explain in detail about the proportions, muscles, bones and forms, visible on the surface, without the complication of using all the Latin names, although we will get to know the most important ones. As a bonus we will make a male body out of the female one, to better explain the differences between them. I will also pay attention to the most common mistakes made.

My name is Niko, and i am a 3D character artist for about 11 years now. I started studying anatomy 20 years ago but at some point I realized that female anatomy was my weak point so I was searching for such course. Sadly there were almost none available. And although female and male muscles and bones are pretty much the same, the forms are pretty different. So now, after alot of studying and practice, i decided to do a female anatomy course myself and i am doing this course by real time sculpting in Zbrush, because i think the best way to explain anatomy is to sculpt it in 3D and view muscles and forms from all angles.

We will start this course by making the overall shape of a female head, and i will explain its forms and proportions. Then we will make the torso shape and i will explain its muscles and forms. Next we will make the legs, and we will talk about their forms and muscles too. Feet are pretty much ignored by most artists, but we will learn about them too . After that, we will jump to the muscles and bones of the arms, which are also pretty interesting, so make sure not to miss it!

Then we will make the basic form of the breasts, followed by hands and fingers. At this point, we will start detailing the face, where we will talk about proportions, sculpt, and draw all the face features, like nose, mouth, eyes, and as a bonus - the eyeballs. We will continue with duplicating the head, and make a male head out of it. We will do the same with the torso, arms, legs, feet and hands, so we will have a separate male model for comparison.

Then it will be time to combine all the parts of the female body and refine some areas. We will add eyebrows and eyelashes, nails, and we will cover certain areas for a bit of a decency :). Last, we will learn how to paint human skin and makeup and also make hair for better presentation.

This course doesn't require previous knowledge of anatomy, although it could be useful. I would also like to thank the Anatomy 4 sculptors for letting me use images from their amazing book. I really think it is a must have for all artists interested in anatomy. Although this course will give you practical knowledge about muscles, forms and bones, I do recommend using this book to refresh your knowledge when necessary.


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