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Woman's cosmetic haircare decorative set

Three different modes of the succulent cactus plant include withered and mature and young modes


  • Easy edit because all objects and material has own name
  • All pivots are set in center bottom
  • High material quality and compatibility with all decoration
  • Materials are Set for Vray and Corona
  • Units are real scale in Centimeters. -Also you can Disable Turbosmooth to have Lowpoly (Previews are with 0 iterations, 1 iteration on render)
  • Table Dimensions: length : 100cm - 39inch Width : 60cm - 23.5inch Height : 3.2cm - 1.2inch

Polys: 272,394

Verts: 261,546

Package includes:

  • 1one Wooden table
  • 2Two stone tray
  • 2 Two Candles
  • 3 Three Steel Earrings
  • 1one Santal 33
  • 1one Nomad Haircare
  • 1one Dior
  • 1one Chanel lipstick
  • 2one Ouai Haircare
  • 2Two wedding rings
  • 1one Chanel Haircare
  • 2Two Nars liquid lipstick
  • FBX Vray & Corona
  • OBJ Vray & Corona
  • Textures and Materials


*If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to assist. I'll kindly welcome all suggestions. [email protected]

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