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Day by the Beach

A collection of high quality scanned assets using RVT and Raytracing to crate a extremely detailed sunset beach level with a gorgeous sunset atmosphere. Featuring custom made RVT shader to simulate wetness tinting on the terrain and assets. Furthermore, all meshes have integrated barnacles and tinting allowing them to get further integrated into the scene. The scene utilities full Raytracing features including the use of physically accurate lighting values.

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Technical Details Performance Numbers using AMD 3900X, GTX 3080, 64GB RAM: 50fps, 20ms at 1920x1200 with RTX (Dynamic Lighting)

Note: Various switches have been turned off and reduced samples to keep the performance in check. Note: This scene uses physically based light units which means you need to have enabled Extend default luminance range in your project settings with a correct exposure lit camera. The project already contains a cinecamera using correct values so please use that.

Note: VR profiling has not been done on this project.

Attached is a document outlining how to maximize the visual quality for a performance cost:


Fully integrated RVT blending with multiple parameters Height Blending RVT with noise detailing Fuzzy Shading, Albedo, Roughness detailing Barnacles blending integrated with RVT blends Gradient color tinting to simulate wetness discoloration Detail maps for increasing quality of assets Object and Barnacles independent displacement/tessellation for extra visual fidelity Physically accurate lighting and camera values for a real world cinematic feel Procedural scattering of boulders and beach assets including, seaweed, seashells and scatter mesh pebbles

Number of Unique Meshes: 58 Collision: Yes (Auto Generated) LODs: Yes (Up to 6 LODs) Number of Materials: 6 Number of Material Instances: 78 Number of Textures: 124 Texture Resolutions: Up to 4096

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