Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles

Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles is an asset pack consisting of hex tiles and icons you can use in your commercial video game, website or print projects: it fits perfectly in a strategy game or digital board game as well as any game which needs a map, like an RPG or your tabletop RPG session (or even your own tabletop RPG product)!


  • 20x Grasslands, 20x Forests, 20x Mountains, 40x Oceans
  • 1000+ single elements like trees, rocks and grass patches so you can create your own tile variations or even a non-hex map
  • 30 location icons like a town, city, windmill, witch hut, cave, dungeon, lighthouse, sanctuary and more
  • Overlays for paths, roads, rivers and shorelines, like shown in the example images
  • Island Generator which creates little procedurally generated islands as PNG files

Additional Information

  • Krita/Photoshop source files included: the source files for the single elements like trees separate linework from coloring, so you can make your own colored variants
  • base of a hex is 344x132px in size (with 300dpi, the base of a hex is 2.9x1.1cm or 1.14x0.43 inches on paper)
  • everything comes in a colored and a grayscale variant, with transparent backgrounds of course

The Island Generator is a console application which creates little procedurally generated islands as png files. It has a very limited configurability and was specifically made for this asset pack. It's not an editor!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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