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Inked Adventure Items

126 Items for Adventuring and Survival!

Inked Adventure Items is a set of 126 hand-drawn items suitable for your action adventures, roguelikes, role-playing, survival and crafting-related games.

They come in 5 Variants (check the preview images) and in the sizes 64x64 and 32x32 pixels, as single icons and as sprite sheets. Ready to go!

You'll also get the Krita Source File (and a Photoshop file) to make modifications and a Tutorial File which shows you how to make your own icons in the same style. And on top, there's an Index File (xml) with meta-data for every item, including its name, tags and position in the sprite sheet!

Included Items: Weapons Sword, Wooden Shield, Iron Shield, Dagger, Rapier, Lance, Mace, Staff, Club, Boomerang, Bow, Arrow, Quiver, Bomb, Dynamite Tools Axe, Saw, Pickaxe, Hammer, Shovel, Pitchfork, Fishing Rod, Mop, Sponge Equipment Torch, Rope, Ladder, Campfire, Lantern, Map, Treasure Map, Compass, Letter, Envelope, Book, Empty Bottle, Bottle with a Message, Empty Potion, Potion, Small Empty Potion, Small Potion, Bandage, Candle, Mirror, Comb, Jar, Tent Inventory Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Helmet, Glove, Armor (Chest), Boot, Crate, Barrel, Saddle Resources Wood (Log), Plank (Wooden Board), Stick, Branch, Bark, Sawdust, Coal, Leaf, Stone, Rock, Flint, Ore, Ingots, Grass, Herbs, Root (Plant Root), Flower, Turf, Leather, Fur, Ball of Wool, Thread (Needle and Thread), Feather, Nail, Liquid (Water Drop), Manure, Ice Cube, Ghost, Heart, Heart Piece, Fairy, Beehive Food Apple, Bread, Carrot, Beet, Walnut, Seeds, Meat, Fish, Egg, Broken Egg, Mushroom, Potato, Beer, Cheese, Honey Loot Bone, Skull, Carcass, Fishbone, Worm, Eyeball, Tooth (Monster Tooth), Bee Treasure Key, Boss Key, Coin, Coins, Treasure (Chest), Purse, Ring, Amulet, Flute, Die (6-sided), Playing Card (Ace of Spades), Diamond, Bust, Doll, Crystal

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