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Modular Dungeon Catacombs - Mobile


This asset contains a Unity package for Unity 3D and a Zipped version of the project folder. This 3d package is intended to work with the Unity game engine as the shaders, materials, and scenes are made inside the engine, therefore, you won't benefit from them in fbx format, with the exception of the modular fbx meshes and the textures, if you plan on using it for something else.


High-quality, semi-realistic 3D environment art package for games and 3D applications version 2.0. Little to no photo source material as most textures are made using Substance Designer or hand-painted. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while prefabs contain at least 4 LOD levels.

Follow the development thread for more info and possible new resources/updates: Development Thread or Development Thread 2


The main pipeline used is the Built-in Render Pipeline, containing URP and HDRP conversion packages inside. URP and HDRP are supported and tested.
Main texture workflow: Standard metalness shader workflow. Merged maps for the metalness/AO/Gloss.

Additional compatibility information

This pack is compatible with the Built-in, URP, and HDRP pipelines. Simply open your Unity version and re-save the shaders in Amplify Shader Editor, if your Unity version is too old or the shaders aren't working.
Tested in Unity versions: 2020.1.3f1, 2021.2.3f1 and 2022.1.0b4

  • (TFS - Toby foliage shader - "basic") is a new lightweight, fast and simple shader for vegetation made in the Amplify Shader editor. *Read more in the "releases" tab.

Features and version updates:


  • PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for GPU and memory
  • Cliff and rock meshes with 4 LOD levels
  • Cave meshes
  • 425 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs, and more)
  • 306 models
  • A variety of ground tiles
  • 2 fire effects made in Amplify shader
  • 17 Amplify shaders
  • Editable amplify shaders:

• Grass Foliage
• Leaves Fast
• Simple Coverage Moss
• Simple Coverage
• Snow Foliage
• Standard (Tessellation)
• Standard Decal
• Torch Flame
• Waving Double Pass Edit (terrain grass shader)

  • 3 New (TFS basic) foliage shaders: grass, bark, and leaves (Includes simple billboard shaders)
  • Mesh and ground splats
  • 5 trees and 52 plants
  • 14 decals
  • All trees and plants have fast yet realistic wind and shading
  • 3 Example scenes (vegetation scene with 3 biomes)

Technical details

Polycount and texture specifications

(Triangles counting only LOD0) This list only presents a small example of a few meshes.

Cliffs and rocks:

  • CliffStonesCATAM_A: 1102 triangles
  • CliffStonesCATAM_B: 1364 triangles
  • CliffStonesCATAM_C: 1343 triangles
  • CliffStonesCATAM_D: 690 triangles
  • IrregularStonesCATAM_A (biggest): 664 triangles
  • IrregularStonesCATAM_F (smalest): 336 triangles


  • BrazierStoneCATA_A: 1034 triangles
  • BrazierStoneCATA_B: 1296 triangles
  • BrazieWoodCATA_A: 306 triangles
  • WallTorchSmallCATA_A: 224 triangles
  • PotCATA_A: 365 triangles
  • Pots (all, 4 meshes): 1316 triangles total
  • BarrelCATAM: 20172 triangles


  • Modular pillars: Roughly 1000 triangles per mesh


  • OliveTreeOldCATAM: 7800 triangles
  • DeadTreeCATAM_A: 10039 triangles
  • DeadTreeCATAM_B: 8660 triangles
  • DeadTreeCATAM_C: 2067 triangles


Texture sizes: 4096 x 4096px (the majority of the texture atlases); 2048 x 2048px, 1024 x 1024px, 512 x 512px, 256 x 256px (tile textures, smaller texture atlases, particles and splats)
Texture formats: "Tif" (if available), "Png" (all albedo, normal maps, height maps and gloss/ao maps)
Standard metalness shader workflow. Merged maps for the metalness/AO/Gloss.
"metalness/ao/gloss" (MAG) are saved as png textures with transparency.

Other information

Rigging: No
Animation count: 0
UV mapping: Yes
LOD information: 4 LODS
Types of materials and texture maps: PBR

General Information

For questions follow the thread or contact me via email: [email protected]

You will get 2 files

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