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Rocky Hills Environment - Mega Pack (SRP)


This asset contains a Unity package for Unity 3D and a Zipped version of the project folder. This 3d package is intended to work with the Unity game engine as the shaders, materials, and scenes are made inside the engine thus you won't benefit from them in fbx format with the exception of the modular model parts.


Rocky Hills Environment - Mega Pack is a 3D art package with simple and fast foliage shader solutions for artists. Includes third-party tools.

High-quality, semi-realistic 3D environment art package for games and 3D applications version 4.0. Little to no photo source material as most textures are made using Substance Designer or hand-painted. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while prefabs contain LOD levels.

Follow the development thread for more info and possible new resources/updates:


The main pipeline used is the Built-in Render Pipeline".
This pack is compatible with all versions of the Unity Built-in pipeline. Simply open your Unity version and re-save the shaders in Amplify Shader Editor, if your Unity version is too old or the shaders aren't working.
This pack does not support URP or HDRP

  • The vegetation contains and works with the third-party tools Custom tree importer (CTI) which is compatible with Advanced Foliage Shader. The custom tree importer shaders provide realistic-looking wind and foliage with minimum performance impact so there is a good possibility of use on lower-end platforms.

  • (TFS - Toby foliage shader) is a new lightweight, fast and simple shader for vegetation made in the Amplify Shader editor. Works in URP and HDRP. *Read more in the "releases" tab.

Features and version updates:

• Features

  • PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for GPU and memory
  • Unique cliff meshes with 4 LOD levels
  • Modular boulders with 4 LOD levels
  • 1227 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs, and more)
  • Over 500 models
  • A variety of ground tiles for summer, fall, and winter
  • Unique wood texture tiles
  • Unique 4k tree bark texture with roots
  • 20 particles
  • 17 Amplify shaders
  • Editable amplify shaders:

• Detailed Map Coverage Snow (detailed map + customizable animated sparkles, supports tessellation)
• Detailed Map Coverage Moss (detailed map + dry and healthy color, supports tessellation)
• Snow Foliage (simple shader for snow-covered plants)
• 4 Simple Snow Triplanar
• Ice shader
• Running water shader
• Custom Standard (Tessellation)
• New (TFS) foliage shaders: grass, bark, and leaves

  • Mesh and ground splats including snow
  • Summer, fall, and winter seasons for all assets
  • 146 trees and 156 bushes
  • 80 new ground plants
  • New (TFS) plants, trees, and bushes (208 models)
  • High-quality grass models with variations and wind including "terrain versions"
  • All trees and plants have realistic wind and shading
  • 5 Example scenes URP
  • 3 Example scenes HDRP

• Updates V 4.0

  • Better integration with the terrain engine
  • Complete cosmetic change, remade textures
  • Reduce file size and optimized textures
  • Updated Amplify shaders (fixed bugs and screen NaNs)
  • Added new "Toby foliage shaders" (TFS) -New (TFS) demo scene for UPR and HDRP
  • Interactable HDRP demo scene with UI.

Grass Foliage shader (Custom Amplify shader for grass): Physically-based lighting with translucency, simple wind, includes color variation, vertex Ao, and distance depth fade supports mesh with custom normals. Wind and other parameters can be controlled globally through the (upcoming) wind script.

Tree bark and leaf shader (Custom Amplify shader for trees): Physically-based lighting with translucency, simple branch bending, wind, and leaf fluttering, supports trees with custom normals on leaves, including color variation and vertex Ao. Wind and other parameters can be controlled globally through the (upcoming) wind script.

(At the moment the wind is controlled directly through the shader so you will have to match both values of the bark and leaves together.)

Polycount and texture specifications:

• Total triangle count of a prefab (all LODS) (ex: GenericCliffBRHE - LOD0 *1112(T) + LOD1 *941(T) + LOD2 *761(T) = 2814(T))

• Cliffs and rocks: BoulderRHE: 922 triangles
CaveRHE: 1145 triangles
GenericCliffARHE: 4158 triangles
GenericCliffBRHE: 2814 triangles
GenericCliffCRHE: 4756 triangles
GenericCliffDTopRHE: 2912 triangles
ModularCliffARHE: 8212 triangles
ModularCliffBRHE: 7348 triangles
ModularCliffCRHE: 11084 triangles
ModularCliffERHE: 2772 triangles
LowRockMediumRHE: 1817 triangles
RockDetails All: 490 triangles
RockMediumBRHE: 1804 triangles
RockMediumCRHE: 702 triangles
IrregularStones All: 6170 triangles

• Props: GenericTree_TrukRoots: 10314 triangles
GroundSplatBRHE01: 4969 triangles
GroundSplatBRHE02: 4250 triangles
GroundSplatBRHE03: 7407 triangles

• Vegetation BeecthTree01Summer: 8278 triangles
BeecthTree02Summer: 27067 triangles
BeecthTreeOldSummer: 44180 triangles
GenericTreeSummer01: 23106 triangles
BeechBushDSummer: 7703 triangles
GenericBushASummer: 988 triangles
GrassASummer01: 180 triangles
FlowersA_Summer: 60 triangles

• Textures

Texture sizes: 4096 x 4096px (the majority of the texture atlases); 2048 x 2048px, 1024 x 1024px, 512 x 512px, 256 x 256px (tile textures, smaller texture atlases, particles and splats)
Texture formats: Tif (all texture with alpha and merged maps ((Metalness, Ao, gloss)/masked maps)), Png (all albedo, normal maps, and height maps)
(Number of textures counting only the albedo for each material):
1k, 512, 256 Textures: 28 Including ground tiles, particles, and splats
2k Textures: 56 Including ground tiles and smaller atlases
4k Textures: 13 Including large atlases, props, and trees

General Information

*Please read the setup instructions provided in PDF format before you start!
For questions follow the thread or contact me via email: [email protected]

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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