Digital Art

Easy Art Lessons 16-20 (Drawing Faces)

If you always wanted to learn to draw faces, these lessons are for you. The fundamentals taught in these lessons can be done in pencil and paper or any digital art program. In Easy Art Lessons 16-20 , you will learn to draw your own characters with realistic proportions or stylized proportions.

I've developed the EASY ART lessons to get straight to the point, in STEP BY STEP real-time lessons that you can follow along with and start making cool characters IMMEDIATELY. Learning to draw doesn't have to be repeating a bunch of frustrating rules. You can enjoy the process and improve with every drawing.

Duration: 3 hours

you’ll learn:

-How to block out the head and measure features such as eyes, noses, mouths and ears.

-Angle the head in interesting dynamic ways.

-How to render features on the face.

-Make characters look older or younger.

-Draw male faces and female faces.

-Draw various ethnicities.

I've also included 2 bonus videos with over 1 hour of real time breakdowns for drawing difficult features like eyes and noses.

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