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Procreate Watercolor brushes + Paper textures

I've always wanted to create digital drawings that look very realistic and close to traditional watercolor techniques. And ProCreate gave me this opportunity! Now I want to share with you the results of a thorough and long work. Hundreds of watercolor brushes were created and tested, and in the end, 50 of the best were included in this set. I am proud to present to you brushes with which your artworks will look indistinguishable from traditional media. I hope you’ll enjoy this set!


This set includes the same 40 paper textures as the «INK set»! It also includes 3 brushes from the «INK set»

Tips and tricks

  • Put the paper texture as a top layer and set it in the «linear burn» mode.
  • Some brushes (like «INK_wet on wet 5») draw softer depending on the pen pressure. The harder you press the softer are its edges. If you press lightly the stroke will be clearer and thinner.
  • There are also the brushes (like "hard 1») which draws softer if you press lightly. If you press hard the stroke will have a harder edges.
  • Using a watercolor brush as a smudge tool you can blur the edges in a very interesting way.
  • A brush rotation of the Stamps is random, so to save your time I recommend you to create stamps on the new layer and rotate them manually.
  • Play with a layer mode and use clipping mask for more interesting way to tint your drawing.
  • Have fun!

Buying this set you will get:

  • 24 watercolor brushes for ProCreare (.brushset), including 3 ink brushes from the «INK set».
  • 26 watercolor stamp brushes for ProCreate (.brushset)
  • 1 hour time-lapse demo video without voice commentary (1080p)
  • PSD file of the drawing with all the layers
  • High resolution JPEG file of the drawing
  • 40 paper textures, 5035x7017p, 600 dpi
  • Same 40 textures in lower resolution, 1435x2000p, 150 dpi (optional)

Upd. In brush settings, Procreate does not process the texture properly. Bugs fixed.

Upd: 2021/07/16 NEW!!!

  • 1 hour time-lapse "Tsff Tsfil" video without voice commentary (720p)
  • PSD file of the "Tsff Tsfil" with all the layers

If you have any questions or problems with the purchased products, please before rate email me to [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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