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INK brushes + Paper textures

If you love ink as much as I do, you will like this brush set. Each brush has its own unique shape and was carefully tuned and calibrated. The strokes look as close as possible to the traditional technique. I also took all the paper I have (craft, watercolor, graphics) and put the sheets together in one pack. All scans are in high resolution 5035x7017p (600 dpi). But for your convenience, all textures are duplicated at a lower resolution if you are not working with large canvases. Hope you enjoy this set!

Tips and tricks.

To make your drawing look more realistic to traditional techniques, follow these simple rules:

  • Use dark gray instead of black, so the paper texture will be better visible.

  • Do not press too hard if you want a more textured stroke.

  • Using hatch brush make a short strokes for randomizing.

  • Put the paper texture as a top layer and set it in the «linear burn» mode.

Buying this set you will get:

  • 35 .abr brushes (suitable for Photoshop CS6+, CC)

  • 35 .brushset brushes (suitable for ProCreate)

  • 40 paper textures, 5035x7017p, 600 dpi

  • Same 40 textures in lower resolution, 1435x2000p, 150 dpi (optional)

  • Short time-lapse video of the tittle drawing, 720p

Upd: October challenge drawings.

⁃ 4 short time-lapse videos of drawing in ProCreate (3-6 minutes, 1920x1080p) ⁃ 9 example drawings in high resolution

If you have any questions or problems with the purchased products, please before rate email me to [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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