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New green Goblin sword 3D printed model

A 3D model of the sword used by the new Green Goblin in the 2007 film spider-Man 3. It was used in the film only a few times. You can hardly see it on film. The knife was sheathed behind his back .This sword is the weapon of Harry Osborne's new Green Goblin. This is one of the two swords of the new green Goblin.

The model was created for cosplay based on this character. It's part of the costume.There are two printing options: 1. with one whole sword. 2. divided into 5 parts as you can see from the attached screenshots.

Model dimensions: length - 431 mm width - 86 mm height - 32 mm height blade - 6,4 mm

The diameter of the "keys" to assemble 3 mm - blade 5 mm - handle

Designed in Solid Works 2018, rendered in Keyshot 9.

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