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Horses(Stallions) - Game Ready

This pack includes an animated Horses(Stallions) ready to populate your game world.
See animations on Sketchfab or Youtube
Included: 11 skins for horses(2 for Unicorns) and 2 black and brown for saddle(UE4 package also include carriage model).
Included animation: Arise, Attack(2), Buck(3), Death, Eat, Sleep, Idle(4), Swim(F, L, R), Fallen, Falling, Gallop(F, L, R), Jump, Jump Land, Jump Run, Run Stop, Small Jump, Walk(F, L, R)
Include LODs for all meshes. Disclaimer:
This Asset does not include a Riding System, is just the animations, models and textures.

Technical Details:
Files: Unity(2019.4), Unreal(4.26), FBX(7.2), Blender(2.92).
Number of characters: 4 (Stallion / Skinny Stallion / Draft horse / Unicorn)
Number of skins: 11-Stallion / 11-Skinny Stallion / II-Draft horse / 2-Unicorn / 2-Saddle / 1-Horseshoes
Materials: HDRP(Metallic)
Number of Materials: 43
Textures: Albedo, Normals, MADS(Metallic, AO, Details, Gloss).
Texture Resolutions: x128/x512/x2048/x4096
Number of Textures: 34
Vertex: 12367(Stallion] 12377(Skinny Stallion), 14320(Draft horse), 14980(Unicorn)
Triangles: 19120(Stallion) 19120(Skinny Stallion], 20141 (Draft horse], 21067(Unicorn]
Triangles counts of props: 7121 (Saddle], 3580(Bridle], 944(Horseshoes]
UV mapping: Non-overlapping

Rigged: Yes
Animated: Yes
Number of Animations: 29

Important/Additional Notes:
Start a new Unity project using the High-Definition RP-template or if you are already using High-Definition RP-based projects, please import package directly.
Note: There is an opportunity to increase the number of animations in UE4 if you already have (or want to use) animation from the Horse Animset collection, as this skeleton is adapted to reconfigure the animation with more precision.

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