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Mitsubishi Evolution X

High resolution,realistic, fully detailed and textured exterior and interior of a car - Mitsubishi Evolution.

Modeled in Maya


-The model has a physically correct measurements - accurate representation of the original object. -Everything in the scene is intelligently named and well organized for easy and intuitive orientation in the scene. -All geometry has been carefully checked for N-sided faces, flipped normals, overlapping vertices and others that may cause problems for texturing or rendering.

Polygon Count : Car Body /without the wheels / - 238 788 Tires - 267 200 Alloy Wheels - 235 285 Brake Calipers - 47 652

  • Please note that if you search online for Mitsubishi Evolution model you will find a lots of them on a price around 80 - 100 $.

The difference between this model and the rest of the Evo models mentioned above will be MOSTLY IN THE PRICE.

The reason for this is that I do not do my models as a business and they have been done without a deadline and with an accent on quality and details.

The rims of the model are modeled with CAD software and then converted to polygons. So they are much more accurate than the rims in most CG car models.

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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