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Fundamentals of Digital Painting - Recorded

Recorded version of the " Fundamentals of Digital Painting - Live " you will get 6 video classes.

About the Course : This course will teach you the foundations of color and light as well techniques of digital painting. You will learn how to manage light and color with the understating of physics rules and we will also study how the masters break those rules.

Prerequisites: Good drawing foundation and some understading of a painting program( Not required but recommended )

Materials : Drawing Tablet or a Ipad and a painting program ( Photoshop, Clip Studio, Procreate , SAI and etc )

Course Structure :

Week 1 : Values

You will understand what values are and how to use them. Values are the most important thing in a painting so we will breakdown masters and understand how great artists use it.

Week 2 : Light Physics

You will learn how light works in physics, why light behaves in a certain way and how to apply correct light and shadow into your art.

Week 3 : Edges

Here you will learn the types of Edges and when to use them. You will learn more about the human eye and we will do a breakdown of the masters to understand how they use the Edges.

Week 4 : Colors

This is a student favorite! You will learn how color behave in a scientific way, so you can paint everything from imagination.

Week 5 : Materials

You will learn how light and color works on different materials and what are the differences between them.

Week 6 : Processes + Final work

You will learn different ways to do your paintings and we will do a breakdown of some artists on the industry to understand how they do their art.

THERE IS NO FEEDBACK in this version of the course.

About the Instructor :

William Avellar works as a Freelance Character Concept Artist for the video game industry and also has worked as a Freelance Art Director for companies on his homecountry. But his true passion is teaching, he has a large experience as a teacher, giving private mentorships on color and light for almost 3 years. He was also a teacher on the online artschool "Art Dojo" where he taught digital painting classes.

Instructor Portfolio :

If you have questions about the course send me a e-mail here : [email protected]

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