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Floating Islands Pack

A series of reference photos taken in an unknown place that should be useful for any environment concept artists, matte-painters and digital painters for personal or commercial use. This pack contains about 700 photos but 200 are taken from a moving train and are not very clear. But as a painter myself I find them pretty inspiring, from the lighting conditions and the terrain and the mist and fog, so I left them in the pack.

Cubebrush takes 40% so if you go on Gumroad my packs are only $12-

Basic License Agreement:

By purchasing any photos from LittlePinkPebble you are acquiring a Single Person Use license, whether it's a personal or commercial project.

This is the license that allows you to incorporate purchased photos into your own concept designs, including for use for commercial projects. This is NOT an agreement of ownership. This license is non-transferable. If you do not agree to the terms, you are not permitted to use photos. Purchasing the photos doesn't allow to resell them unaltered 'as is' to any 3rd party without incorporating them into your own unique designs/images.

Enjoy and share it !!

p.s. If you wanna say thank you or stay tuned for more packs -

You will get 2 files

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