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Survival NPC's - Four Pack [UE4]

Other Survival Characters

Animation Preview Animations can be previewed in real-time on this page


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Accessories Included! Cap, Glasses, Necklace, Arm Wraps, Glove, Pistol, Holster, Ammopouch, Shoes all included!

Optimized combined versions of the character and modular variations are included.

All military/combat items can be removed for a more civilian look!


v1.0 - Released -

v1.01 - 20/09/2021 -

  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where tessellation in 4.27 would cause some invisible faces on the tshirt and neck

v1.02 - 12/01/2022 -

  • Bug Fix - Updated skeleton to prevent bone conflicts

  • Bug Fix - Skeletal positions adjusted for Hank - Better Animation Quality

  • Bug Fix - Skeletal positions adjusted for Mike - Better Animation Quality

  • Bug Fix - Skin update for Hank - Better Animation Quality

  • Bug Fix - Skin Update for Mike - Better Animation Quality

  • Bug Fix - Hank's gun holster moved from the left side to the right side, for easier animation compatibility

v1.03 16/01/2022-

  • Content - Updated third-person demo map with better lighting and environment

  • Content - Added overview maps for each character so you can quickly preview included content

  • Content - Added two additional outfit presets for Hank (civilian, same outfit, without combat equipment)

  • Content - Added four additional outfit presets for Mike (civilian, same outfit, without combat equipment)

  • Bug Fix - Added description to Morph Pose interface to better explain the function

  • Bug Fix - Skin clipping issue fixed on Maria

  • Bug Fix - Disabled tessellation by default for anyone who experienced performance issues this is now resolved

  • Bug Fix - Corrected some file names and directories, full reinstall recommended


  • 52 Blendshapes, ready for iPhone AR control - Coming soon!

  • Digitally Drawn 2D Concept image included for in-game use (e.g. dialogue boxes, thumbnails etc.)

  • 2D Source files available on request + receipt

  • Mocap Mobility Start Animations (59 Animations, 31 Unique) (note: poses from the driving screenshot not included)

  • High-Quality AAA Hero Character

  • Digital Human Pipeline - High-Quality Refractive Eyes, Detail Mapped Skin with Layered Subsurface Scattering and Roughness Variations.

  • 8k Textures

  • High detail hair, including custom textures for directional, root, depth etc. hair properties

  • Static and skeletal mesh accessories (Basic Handgun + Canteen)

Road Map

This asset will receive updates in the future. The current asset road map includes:

  • 52 Blendshapes/Morph poses, ready for iPhone AR control

  • Dirt/Gore grunge masks

Levels & Blueprints

Features related to morph-poses are currently disabled until update 01. Everything else is included and this character is game-ready!

BP_ Morphpose_Master

Class based morph-pose controller, with custom morph-pose functions setup for blinking, brow and mouth movement. This allows characters built with the same morph poses to seamlessly plugin to this blueprint. This is a great starting point for creating more complex animations and expressions.


User Interface widget that provides the controller for the cinematic blendshape demo map.

Cinematic Blendshape Demo Map (coming soon in the first update, basic version without morph pose controller included)

Preview preset morphpose animations, and easily customize facial expression in realtime in the Blendshape Demo Map. (Most screenshots were taken inside this level, you will receive the same cinematic quality character setup upon purchase, no additional setup required).

Custom Third Person Map

A custom third-person example map is included, with cinematic post-processing and lighting. This is built from the third-person example.

Overview Map

This map contains all of the unique skeletal meshes included in this pack.

Animation Preview Map

This map showcases the animations included in the pack.

Includes commercially licensed animations from Mocap Online. (You can use them in your game!)

Technical Details

Rigged to Epic skeleton/IK: (Yes - Additional Bones included for belt accessories, breasts and hair)

Animated: (Yes)

Number of Animations: 59 (24 Root, 31 IPC, 4 Poses)

Number of characters: 4 (including presets and modular components)

Number of Skeletal Meshes: 106 (presets and modular components)

Number of Static Meshes: 18 (guns, knifes, tools, hats etc.)

Vertex counts of characters: ~46,000 - 55,000 triangles with full outfit, hair and accessories per character

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 11 Master, 45 Instances

Number of Textures: 165

Texture Resolutions: 8k textures, 2k masks, 2k detail, scale down to any size in engine.

This pack utilizes some content from the Digital Humans sample provided by Epic for more photorealistic results.

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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