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Police Car - Drivable [UE4] [UE5]

Available for:

UE4.25+ UE5.0


This pack features the drivable feature set, in a solo pack, at a discount.

If you'd like to purchase the interactable, or premium version:

Police Car - Interactable Vehicles

Police Car - Premium - Driving and Interaction

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Fully replicated for multiplayer

Advanced Drivable Blueprint - Burnouts, screeching, tire decals, a complete lighting system (headlights/night-mode, brakes, indicators), engine/tire sounds, and satisfying physics. Drag and drop, and supports character controller switching. Functional odometer/RPM + animated gear stick/steering wheel Animated, sound effects, sirens, particles - Game-ready and optimized!

Complete & Game Ready

This asset is game-ready. It contains animations, sound effects, and particles so you can be confident you are purchasing an actual game-ready asset, that can be drag-and-dropped, without requiring additional sounds or particles. The only setup required is for your character controller (<5 mins).

Drivable - Custom Skeleton and Skeletal Mesh

An advanced replicated drivable demo is included. Control the doors/boot/hood, wheels, and steering wheel. The gear stick will animate as the car automatically shifts gears. Swap between interior/exterior view, to view a functional odometer + RPM meter. Stationary burnouts, momentum-based tire decals, and sound effects are included, as well as satisfying engine sounds. Particles are provided for the exhaust, burnouts, and decals. The lights are fully set up with channel-packed emissive masks and configured lighting for realistic headlights (night mode), indicators, and brakes. These lights have been tested in different environments and look great out of the box.

A fully rigged Skeletal Mesh version of the vehicle is included. It has a custom skeleton and includes bones for:

  • Each Individual Wheel
  • Each Individual Door
  • Steering Wheel
  • Gear Stick
  • Boot
  • Hood
  • Interior and Bonuses

A high detailed interior, bottom/base, and engine are included. Flat tire variations are included and tires can be removed completely with 3D suspension and axles being visible. These vehicles will look good from any angle, inside out or upside down. They are highly modular and highly detailed.

Technical Details

Number Plates

Intentionally left blank. You can modify the texture, or attach your own model to suit your game's world!

Technical Features:

  • BP_Drivable
  • BP_FirstPersonCharacter (Basic FPS character that has been modified to send interaction events to the vehicle)
  • 3 Demo Maps

Network Replicated: Yes, functions for both single-player and multiplayer are included

Number of Unique Meshes: 159 static mesh foliage components, 156 static mesh vehicle components, 5 skeletal mesh

Skeleton/Rigged: Custom skeleton, consistent rig between vehicles

Collision: Yes, Custom/Automatically Generated

Vertex Count:

1 - Per Vehicle Average: Hero Quality - 85k triangles (with full engine, interior computer and accessories etc.) LOD0 to 10k LOD3

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 10 Master, 4 Material Function, 22 Instances

Number of Textures: 65

Texture Resolutions: 4k for most textures

Windows/Mac: Yes

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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