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Modular Sewer Tunnels (PBR) model

Modular Sewer Tunnel asset for games and realtime applications. Four unique pieces that are modelled to grid and will snap seamlessly with textures. Each of the pieces can be rotated to create many kinds of variations for a tunnel system.

Fully UV unwrapped models with two UVs, one for textures and one for lightmaps. Models have been tested using Unreal Engine 4. FBX format files have correct real world scale and the pieces will snap to Unreal Engine grid. Texture UVs are overlapping to save texture memory.

All models are mostly quads. Only quads and triangles.

piece1straight.fbx 831 quads 12 tris. piece2tjoint.fbx 1290 quads 13 tris piece3curve.fbx 3860 quads 48 tris piece4end.fbx 469 quads 3 tris

A single PBR texture atlas for the entire model is included in 2048x2048 resolution (PNG). PBR workflow is Metal-Roughness.

You will get 5 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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