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Dwarf - Voice Pack

Hello Creators!

Here's my new pack: “Dwarf - Voice Pack“

YouTube Preview: List of SFX included:

468 Dwarf voice lines (234 as the original voice and 234 as a lower pitch voice that maybe you find useful)

I hope this voices will help you give more life to your characters in your project. There's different voices for different situations: dialogues, attacks, hurts, expressions (like upset, laugh, nervous, afraid, confused, surprised)... Also there's sleeping sounds!

They can be used in different styles of video games or other media projects.

I hope you enjoy implementing this voices in your project!

Making-Off All this sounds have been recorded with a professional voice actor.

Some considerations

  1. Keep in mind this sounds can be used in a variety of situations, I put a name to the SFX but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other contexts.

Check out this guide that maybe will help you:

  1. The sounds are in 44.1Khz/16 bit format. I have the original files at 96khz/24bit also, if you need this format, please contact me.

Contact Any doubt, any idea, any proposal, please contact me on: [email protected]

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