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Lilith Mecha Succubus - 3D Print Statue Files

Lilith the Mecha Succubus- sci-fi battle mecha statue files for 3D printing.

This is my own character concept model, now available for 3D printing ! She is very detailed so give your printer a challenge and give her a try ! Preview images includes CG rendered images and real prototype statue images . Part calls-out at the end. Prototype printed with Anycubic Mono X, base with Anycubic Mega Zero .

Native Scale 1:6 WxDxH: 33cm x 15.5cm x 34cm ( including wing span when assembled )

Files info : 25 parts

+Hollowed and Pre-Supported Print STLs for DLP/SLA users.

+Solid version for FDM users and DLP/SLA users.

+All joints have 0.2mm~0.3mm clearance for ease of assembly.

+2 set of hand ( Whip and No Whip )

+2 set of head ( Blind Folded and Not )

+Zbrush export file.

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