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PBR Oil Drum Barrel - Multi Color Pack

Note : This Collection include 27 color variation with each have clean, dirty, rusty and oil leaks version.

  1. PBR Oil Drum A1(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  2. PBR Oil Drum A2(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  3. PBR Oil Drum A3(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  4. PBR Oil Drum A4(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  5. PBR Oil Drum A5(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  6. PBR Oil Drum A6(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  7. PBR Oil Drum A7(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  8. PBR Oil Drum A8(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)
  9. PBR Oil Drum A9(Yellow,Red,Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty,oily)

Game ready For Unity, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, Amazon lumberyard and etc include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Movies/Film, Interior/Exterior design and other real-time apps. Made for use in Video Games but you can use it for basically anything.

  • Originally created in maya 2019
  • PBR : Yes
  • Clean UV: Yes, non-overlapping
  • Rendered with marmoset toolbag 3 and Marmoset Scene included in file



  • Polys: 396
  • Tris: 790
  • Verts: 428

|3D Model File Formats|

  • .Ma + .Max
  • .3DS + .Fbx + .Obj + .dae + .Abc
  • .unitypackage + .uasset

All textures are include in zip file, textures map for PBR MetalRough, PBR SpecGloss, Cryengine, Unity, Unreal Engine, Amazon Lumberyard, Arnold, Corona, V-Ray, Renderman, Redshift, KeyShot, Maxwell, Shade 3D, Spark AR Studio and More!!!

Includes 27 color variation with each have 4 Set textures map (Clean, Dirty, Rusty, oil leaks) with Texture Dimension 2046x2046 and 4096x4096

  1. 4096x4096 Albedo (color)
  2. 4096x4096 Normal map
  3. 4096x4096 Specular/Metal
  4. 4096x4096 Gloss/Rough
  5. 4096x4096 Ambient occlusion

|General Char|

  • Game Ready model
  • Modeled in Maya
  • Low poly Mesh
  • No ngons
  • No seams
  • No Plugin needs
  • No hidden geometry
  • Object pivot points at 0,0,0.
  • Object scaled to approximate real world size (cm)
  • Approximate dimensions: W:60cm x L:60cm x H:89cm
  • Scene organized by layers
  • Arrange properly the files and rename the layers
  • High Poly mesh baked on Low Poly mesh.
  • Model is fully textured with all materials applied.

Note :

  • Product does not include high mesh
  • Triangulate mesh and Quad both are included in folder
  • Texture Quality Guarantee
  • Free Ambient occlusion textures are also included
  • Included 3ds Max with Arnold setup and Maya with Arnold setup
  • Included substance painter file which you can edit your own logo/text and you also can change the texture Color or increased/decreased the Dirty level then export those textures for use in any engine.

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