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Dinosaur T-Rex (Full version)

This is a High Poly 3D Model of a Dinosaur T-Rex with Meshes optimized up to Low Poly version: HP 5967 tris / LP 3689 tris / SLP 1972 tris. Model has 69 bones.

Textures: 3 Color Textures, 1 Normal, 1 Specular, 1 Metalness, 1 Ambient Oclusion Maps (all 4k).

Model has 47 Animations (InPlace & RootMotion). It contains TWO[2] FBX Files, one with 'In Place' animations and second with 'Root Motion' animations. This Version has animated eyes:

List of animations: Attack Head/Jaw/JumpJaw/Tail, Creeping, Death/Death01, Eating, FightIdle, Slipping Start/Slipping/End, Hit Left/Right/Front/Back, Idle, Jumping, LookingUp, Running, Roaring Start /Roaring/End, WalkBack, Walk., Attack RightLeg/LeftLeg, CreepingBack, FightIdle01, IdleSmell, Jumping InPlace/Up/Down, LookingDown, RunningLookRound, Strafe Left/Right, Turn Left/Right, WalkLook RoundBack/Round, WalkSmell, Withdraw, Walk Turn Left/Right, Run Turn Left/Right.

The Tropical Nature Enviro from the presentation is not included to this Project, but can be purchised separately

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