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FootSteps - Sound Effects

Hello Dev!

Purchasing this pack automatically gives you access to over 650 footstep sound effects. Steps in wood, grass, forests, branches, cement, water, high heels, boots, among many others! I believe this pack will help you a lot to sound out the walking and running action of your characters and NPC's in many different types of terrain.

Other than that, the sounds of this pack can also be used for small impacts with some simple adjustments, considering that a step is nothing more than the impact of the foot with the ground. Over time I want to add more effects and you will get the updates for free from the moment of purchase. I can't promise an exact date of when I will do this. But I sure will!

And it's worth remembering that by investing in this pack you take all that and still help me to continue creating quality sound effects at a nice price for the community!

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  • FootStep_Grass
  • FootStep_Dirt
  • FootStepGravelStone
  • FootStep_Platform
  • FootStep_Wood
  • FootStep_BareFoot
  • FootStep_Ceramic
  • FootStep_FlipFlop
  • FootStep_Giant
  • FootStep_Monster
  • FootStep_Rock
  • FootStep_SciFi
  • FootStep_Soldier
  • FootStep_Water

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