Foley: Footsteps & Bodyfalls

Created on an award-winning, blockbuster cinema Foley stage this complete set of FOOTSTEPS & BODYFALLS features multiple takes on numerous matching surfaces - covering the bases for most games with a single sound pack!

Use-ready WALK, RUN, JUMP, LAND, and BODY FALL sounds for 23 distinct surface-types!! Just drop these into your project containers and mix levels to your liking!! PLUS bonus content in the shape of dozens more useful footsteps and surfaces to experiment with for use in your personal or professional productions!!

Over 500 individual, ready-to-use FOOTSTEP and BODY FALL sounds!


Carpet Cement Dry Cement Wet Chain-link Earth Dirt Glass Gravel Ice Marble/Stone Metal Grate (catwalk) Metal Hollow Metal Plate Muckymuck (sticky, squishy) Rooftiles (ceramic) Rug (on wood floor) Sand Snow Water Deep Water Shallow Wood Creaky (subtle) Wood Creaky B (louder) Wood Hard

Most body-fall sounds are interchangeably useful as impact sounds or as elements in other sound design creations. Bonus material includes SWIM, GIANT STEPS, and ZOMBIE SHUFFLE sound sets.

Precision-edited .wavs [16-bit/44kHz] ready to drag/drop into your project. Explore the bonus material and use pitch/volume randomization for near-infinite variation.

Quality you can trust. Assets you can use. Never expensive. Always available instantly! Used by top studio producers / designers.

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