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Retro Games - Sound Effects

Hello Dev!

This is your package for retro arcade-style games, in which you'll find more than 100 different files to bring different aspects of your game to life.

It's worth remembering that these sounds are still used in different scenarios, so buying this pack will be useful for other actions too, many UI effects are made with sounds similar to these.

The references used were old arcade games, so if you're making a game in that style, perfect! If not, you can take a minute to listen and I'm sure something will be useful to you :)

And by investing in this package, you take all that, and it helps me to continue creating quality sound effects at a very nice price! :D

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Here's the folder list, in each folder you have at least 3 files, where 2 are variations of the original sounds:

CharacterDropv1 CollectCoinv1 CollectCoinv2 EnemyDiev1 EnemyScreamv1 EnemyScreamv2 Explosionv1 GenericImpactv1 GenericImpactv2 GetHitv1 GetHitv2 GetHitv3 GetHitv4 GetHitv5 GetHitv6 GetHitv7 Hurtv1 Laserv1 MagicImpactv1 PowerUpv1 PowerUpv2 PowerUpv3 Punchv1 Punchv2 RopeWeaponv1 SlideDownv1 SlideDownv2 SlideDownv3 SlideDownv4 SlideDownv5 SlideUpv1 SlideUpv2 SlideUpv3 SlideUpv4 SlideUpv5 SlideUpv6 SlideUpv7 SlideUpv8 SmallShotv1 StageClearv1 SwordAttackv1 UiOptionChangev1 UiOptionChangev2 UiOptionChangev3

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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