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Arcade Game UI Sound

🎰 Arcade Game UI Sound
🎧 Arcade Game UI Sound Pack comes with 240 high-quality sound effect
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💡 Includes sound
   🔹Arcade Menu Eorror 3ea
   🔹Arcade Menu Fail 1ea
   🔹Arcade Menu Open 3ea
   🔹Arcade Option Click 30ea
   🔹Beep Synth Light 1ea
   🔹Blessing 5ea
   🔹Boo Cancel 1ea
   🔹Box Window Whoosh 1ea
   🔹Button Synth 2ea
   🔹Cancel Bass Attack 7ea
   🔹Catoon Boing 1ea
   🔹Chime Bell Melody 5ea
   🔹Coin Get Score 5ea
   🔹Computer Entry 1ea
   🔹Confirm Melody 10ea
   🔹Contact Signal 1ea
   🔹Content Open 3ea
   🔹Content Upgrade 2ea
   🔹Crystal Button 7ea
   🔹Dark Ghost Click 1ea
   🔹Dark Spell Click 2ea
   🔹Droop Down Melody 7ea
   🔹Eorror Button 1ea
   🔹Error Melody 6ea
   🔹Fail Melody 7ea
   🔹Fail MP 1ea
   🔹Fail Out 1ea
   🔹Fail Rope 1ea
   🔹Fail Upgrade 1ea
   🔹Heal Melody 2ea
   🔹Heal Upgrade 2ea
   🔹Healing Upgrade 1ea
   🔹Level Up 5ea
   🔹Light Melody 2ea
   🔹Lovely Melody 9ea
   🔹Magic Open Close 4ea
   🔹Magic Upgrade 1ea
   🔹Medium Melody 10ea
   🔹Metal Click 6ea
   🔹Motion Cancel 1ea
   🔹MP Upgrade 1ea
   🔹Mystery Click 3ea
   🔹Open Content 5ea
   🔹Open Window Button 1ea
   🔹Option Click 1ea
   🔹Pass By Light 1ea
   🔹Pet Upgrade 5ea
   🔹Point Up 4ea
   🔹Pop Up Open Close 4ea
   🔹Power Open 1ea
   🔹Recovery HP 5ea
   🔹Recovery MP 5ea
   🔹Recovery Upgrade 2ea
   🔹Revival 5ea
   🔹Risers MP 1ea
   🔹Rope Cancel 1ea
   🔹Roulette Cancel 1ea
   🔹Signal Light Button 2ea
   🔹Skill Complete 3ea
   🔹Skill Metal Frame Down 1ea
   🔹Skill Metal Frame Up 1ea
   🔹Skill Point 1ea
   🔹Skill Upgrade 2ea
   🔹Skill Weapon Sword 1ea
   🔹Slide Move Window 2ea
   🔹Slide Page 1ea
   🔹Slide Window 2ea
   🔹Special Light On 1ea
   🔹Spell Open 1ea
   🔹Start Click 3ea
   🔹Stone Crash 1ea
   🔹Sword Impact 1ea
   🔹Sword Signal 1ea
   🔹Up Melody 5ea
   🔹Upgrade 4ea
   🔹Whoosh Light 1ea
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