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Quadruped Rigging - Course Assets

Welcome to my Rigging in Maya series.

Here you will find the assets which will allow you to follow my YouTube series, (Videos 18 Onwards) and build your own rigs, in both Maya 2020 and 2017 formats, (where possible).

With this section of the course you will be looking at more advanced areas of rigging as we build an advanced quadruped rig, complete with a full facial rig, making it ready to go into a production environment.

Now includes all the scripts used in the videos!

  • Dynamic Joint Chain Tool
  • Ribbon Tool
  • Quick Limb Tool

Now includes the Rigging in Maya Script Pack!

Find all the videos below Rigging In Maya Series

BONUS How Do I Build a Quadruped Rig?

The videos cover -

  • Ribbons
  • Model & Rig Preparation
  • Driver Skeleton
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python - Joint Chains
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python - IK & FK Systems
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python - Squash & Stretch
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python - Roll & Twist Joints
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python - Volume Preservation
  • Limb Ribbons
  • Limb Ribbon Deformers
  • Spline & Ribbon Based Spine
  • Spine, Neck & Head
  • Dynamic Tail & Ears
  • Paw Joystick Controls - Roll & Bank
  • Additional Paw Controls
  • Ribbon Based Facial Rig
  • IK, FK, & Spline Tongue Rig
  • Skinning with ngSkinTools
  • Global Control Support
  • Finalize Your Rig

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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