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Axe & Dagger - Tutorial Full Process

This is a full process tutorial of modeling, unwrapping,sculpting,texturing and rendering Our Axe & Dagger . (15h unnarrated video) It is better to have some basic information about working with these programs . ( Blender , unfold3d , Z-brush , marmoset toolbag , substance 3d painter , photoshop )

Tutorial Contents :

Modeling ( Duration : 2 h 54 min ) modeling process has done in blender 3.4.0

Unwrapping ( Duration : 13 min ) Unwrapping has done in unfold3d

Preparing for high-poly and bake testing ( Duration : 26 min ) making a proper high poly

Sculpting ( Duration : 7 h 20 min ) adding some details in Z-brush Preparing for final testing

Texturing ( Duration : 3 h 8 min ) Baking Texturing has done in substance 3d painter and photoshop create lots of materials from 0 to 100 using many technics to get more details exporting final textures

Rendering ( Duration :53 min ) we used blender marmoset toolbag for rendering

Post-processing ( Duration : 8 min ) At the end, we did some post-processing in photoshop

With the purchase, you get: Blend, FBX, OBJ, SPP (Substance Painter) Textures PBR for Blender (4K, 2K, 1K) Textures PBR Metal Roughness (4K, 2K, 1K) Textures PBR for Unity (4K, 2K, 1K) Textures PBR for Unreal (4K, 2K, 1K) Textures V-Ray 5 (4K, 2K, 1K)

Attention : all videos are unnarrated ( it means there are no voice-over videos or subtitles )

Software Used: Blender Rizom UV unfold3d Z-brush Substance 3d Painter Marmoset Toolbag Photoshop

Polygon count : 11.033 Vertex count : 11.566 ⭐Please rate and review this Product! It could be very helpful for me, and I appreciate that ⭐

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