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Sylvanas Vol 16: Pose & Render

Creation of 3D Characters in Zbrush - Female Anatomy Sylvanas Vol. 4: Postures and render

"Learn the basics of female Human Anatomy for the creation of high quality 3d characters in Zbrush" [Notions of Rigging and Animation for postures of your characters].

4,2 (16 ratings) | 326 enrolled students | Created by Oscar García of CG Makers | Last updated: 4/2018 | English

Series: Creation of 3D Characters Zbrush | Course: Female Anatomy Sylvanas Vol. 4 | Name of the volume: Postures and render | Classes: 22

Female Anatomy Sylvanas Vol. 4 Posture and Render. Learn the basics of Female Human Anatomy for creating high quality 3d characters in Zbrush.

What will I learn? You will learn techniques that will help you provide your characters correctly. You will apply the concepts of human anatomy to the body and head of the female character "Sylvanas".

Requirements The course is developed in the Zbrush software, so it is important that you have the program installed in your computer. In Pixologic's website you will find a free version for 45 days (trial).

It is important that you have a basic use of the software for a better understanding of the course, if you do not have it I invite you to take our free course "How to Learn Zbrush for Beginners".

Both the curriculum and the visual references are related to the human body (Male and Female) so it is important to understand that they are reviewed within a learning environment. Have attitude, willingness and willingness to learn!

Description Are you a student, professional or amateur and do you aspire to become a digital artist? And do you want to strengthen skills for the creation of 3D characters in the film, digital animation and video game industry? If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

You will use a set of tools that will allow you to work in a controlled way.

You will apply advanced techniques to optimize your time and workflow.

I will explain how to generate the form by levels of detail.

Through 19 classes you will be able to learn everything you need to correctly texturize

Sylvanas and the recommendations to apply this knowledge to your future projects.

The course addresses the following topics: Decimation of body, armor and props. Body posture, armor and props. Surrender. Turntable.

This knowledge will be part of your tools as a professional, will represent a differentiator against those who ignore the contribution that anatomy makes to a job of creating quality characters, no matter if it is realistic, cartoon, manga or any style you choose.

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