3ds Max

Hard Surface 3D Modeling for Production

In this tutorial you will learn how to model a sci-fi drone bust using hard surface modeling techniques that are used in a professional production environment in both games and film. Not only will you learn the technical aspects of hard surface modeling but also my approach to creative design.

A basic knowledge of 3dsmax is preferred but these principles & techniques can also be applied to other 3D modeling packages.

Sections: -Part 1: Head Blockout (2hrs 10mins) -Part 2: Head Detail Refinement (2hrs 27mins) -Part 3: Collar Blockout (34mins) -Part 4: Collar/Neck Detail Refinement (2hrs 35mins) -Part 5: Final Detail Pass (3hr 30mins) -Part 6: Mesh Finalization (23mins)

Topics Covered: -Hardsurface Modeling Techniques -3D Blocking -Designing/Concepting -Kit Bashing -Mesh Instancing

Includes: -8 Video Files -OBJ File Format of the Final Mesh

Duration: 11hrs 39min video MP4 format with audio commentary in English

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