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The scene is the stage and YOU'RE the director! We'll discuss how to arrange elements in your scene, strengths and weaknesses of common compositional guides, how camera placement and orientation affect the way the scene is perceived and how to draw attention to (or away) from focal points. This information is the best Composition 101 advice I know collected into one quick resource. Differentiating it from other guides is how the information is considered through the lens of how you can affect mood and energy with composition. This more applicable approach can make compositional choices much easier since the desired mood practically tells you what the best options are! The accompanying PDF has 20pgs of easy-to-follow homework exercises to sharpen your skills.

Product recommended for: • Beginners to intermediates who want a good crash course on the subject • Those that want to expand their compositional skills but are unsure how to practice • Advanced artists that would like a go-to reference document

Includes: • 23pg PDF full of dozens of examples and illustrations • 27pg PDF with exercises pages to practice the information covered! 100 individual sketches to work through.

You will get 2 files

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