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Making Magic - Ihsan's Shade

In this April 2018 Patreon reward I cover my process for creating Ihsan's Shade for Magic: The Gathering. I take you through my sketches and how I go about making changes based on art director feedback. I also talk about the process of working for Wizards of the Coast. Also included is a JPG of the final painting and a link to the brushes I use. Some of the topics I discuss include

• Composition • Working on reprints • The approval process • Making revisions • Adding color to a black & white sketch • Color temperature • and more!

Length • Part 01 - 00:33:14 • Part 02 - 00:30:25 • Part 03 - 00:46:54

Format - 2560x1440 MP4

Language - English, full commentary

File Size • Part 01 - 1.4 GB • Part 02 - 1.3GB • Part 03 - 2.1GB

Extras • JPG of the final painting • Link to my brushes

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