Sewing Toolkit-Zipper tape-Button Hole-Vol2

Speed Up your work by these assets.

Here is a set of 20 Various 2k Procedurally made Button Hole materials and a Zipper tape Generator.

You can change colors in each material. Also in the Generator file, Metalic and Roughness are customizable. All Patterns made procedurally ( not from images ) so don't worry about closeup Quality.

Package Contains: 1 .rar files : 20 .SBSAR Files (Button holes) 20 2k-PNG Texture sets(Base color-AO-Height-Roughness-Metalic-Normal-Opacity)(Button holes) 1 .SBSAR file Zipper Generator You can use .SBSAR files in Substances designer-Substance painter-Substance Player(free Software) or any software that read .sbsar for use or exporting the maps .

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