PBR Substance Material Pack 1

With these Substances files (.sbsar) you can set up a decent base for your textures in Substance Painter, designer, or Player.

They can be imported into Painter for instance, and then assigned to a fill layer. You can mask them out in any way you want, so they appear only on appropriate parts of your model. They take your baked AO and Curvature maps as input, and they automatically generate all the edge damage, dirt in crevices, etc. Each of them has a multitude of parameters to tweak. When you are happy with your base, you can further overlay stuff on them.

For a realtime demo, go here (be sure to turn on HD):

For a quick demo video, go here:

The pack contains these Substance Materials:

Ancient Metal
Bare Metal
Belt Leather
Elegant Fabric
Gun Wood
Industrial Rubber
Medieval Chainmail
Medieval Metal
Painted Metal
Stressed Plastic

To buy individual materials, head here:

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