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Fully equipped American soldier with props 30

This is a 3d scanned model made with photogrammetry technique in our own custom built 3D scanner equipped with Canon 200D cameras.

This is a...

This is a 3d scanned model made with photogrammetry technique in our own custom built 3D scanner equipped with Canon 200D cameras.

This is a true human size detailed model of a brave American soldier dressed in a ACU uniform, in full body armor, with lost of props, which can be separated any used individually. All models have PBR textures. The soldier is captured in the A-pose with mesh ready for rigging and animation in all most usable 3d software.

The product is ready for immediate use in architectural visualisations, inside Game Engines or for further render and detailed sculpting in Zbrush. It has animation based low-poly topology (quads only, animation loops). Preview rendered in Cinema 4d and Redshift render. Tested in Unreal engine.

PBR textures provided: 4K resolution - Roughness 8K resolution - Normal, Displacement, Colour maps small separate items may be of 2K resolution.

Extra separate props with proper textures are included: helmet cap of sand colour tactical mask ACU body armor ACU jacket 2 sets of knee & elbow pads in khaki and sand colour half-finger gloves of black and sand colour sand military boots

Technical characteristics: digital double scan model low-poly model fully quad topology sufficiently clean edge Loops based ready for subdivision 8K texture color map non-overlapping UV map ready for rigging and animation PBR textures 8K/4K resolution: Normal, Displacement, Albedo maps

Download package includes Cinema 4D project file with Redshift shader, as well as OBJ, FBX files, which are applicable to 3ds Max, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, etc. All the textures you may find in Tex folder, included into the main archive.

BONUS: in this package you will also get a high-poly (.ztl tool) of raw 3d scanned model in zBrush, thus you’ll be able to make a super-cool editing of the purchased product.

ABOUT US: we are photogrammetry studio based in Kyiv, passionate about 3D world. We do full body scanning, 3D scanning for VFX and Gaming, as well as post-production, including model clean-up and rigging, hair and clothes reconstruction and simulation, deep PBR texturing, set of expressions ready for blending. Most of all we love to create a character from scratch. We transform your idea into high quality animation-ready 3D model with PBR texture set. So stay tuned and follow us!

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