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Alien Character Concept Art

This 9-part tutorial will go through the process of designing and developing a humanoid alien race using the strengths of different software to produce art assets that are valuable in the game and film concept art industry.

  • Stage 1 - Using Procreate to design 36 alien heads sketches
  • Stage 2 - Using Procreate to design 4 body variations of the chosen head
  • Stage 3 - Using Zbrush to design the alien form
  • Stage 4 - Using Photoshop to design 5 color schemes based on the 3D render
  • Stage 5 - Using Photoshop to create 9 costume designs
  • Stage 6 - Using Photoshop to create a polished Concept Illustration
  • Stage 7 - Using Procreate to Design 5 different varieties in the same tribe
  • Stage 8 - Using Procreate to design more 8 headdress variations
  • Stage 9 - Using Procreate to design 5 heads with personality

Each stage will be explained through the included PDF file.

Release Date: July 9, 2019

Disclaimer: My views and painting process in this tutorial might be different from my current views.


  • PDF Guide 43 pages
  • 36 Alien Head Studies (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 4 Body Variations (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 1 Zbrush alien sculpt (ZPR File, PSD&JPG Render, and Timelapse)
  • 5 Color Schemes (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 9 Costume Designs (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 1 Polished Concept Illustration (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 5 Character Designs (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 8 Headdress Variations (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • 5 Heads with Personality (PSD, JPG and Timelapse)
  • Reference compilation

There is no voice over on the video files but you can see all my techniques used. Videos using Photoshop and Zbrush are 5x original speed. The other videos are from Procreate which are not time based. If the videos are too fast, I recommend using VLC to slow down the playback.

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