50 Tileable Lace Fabric Pattern_Vol01

This product provides 50 Tileable lace fabric patterns, which you can use in artistic works (clothing designs, on curtain and table cloths, and other works) and create new designs in your works. 50 lace fabric textures are in 4K and all textures are in the format (png) (50 Heights, 50 Normal, 50 Ambient occlusions, 50 Base color, 50 Opacity, 50 Roughness). you can use these textures in the 3Dsoftware.

info about this Product :

50 Heights (PNG) 50 Normal (PNG) 50 Ambient occlusion (PNG) 50 Base color (PNG) 50 Opacity (Alpha) (PNG) 50 Roughness (PNG) Resolution: 4096*4096 (High Quality)

You can watch the video of this product from the link below:

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