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Game ready

Female Basemesh - Sources Bundle

In this bundle you will find a full Character and all the Source files, from High Resolution sculpt to Textured Game model. It meets all the industry standards and can help uderstanding the character creation pipeline for Video Game.

I use this Basemesh for any kind of project and study, realistic or stylized. This is a solid base to bring any project to life.

The high detailled ZBrush model has a clean topology with polygroups, easy to sculpt and ideal to increase anatomy skill.

The Game model is fully rigged and skinned, with edge loops for clean deformations, compatible with Mixamo animations and is provided with the Marmoset Toolbag setup scene.

Also provided with the Substance source file, to allow any kind of texture customization.

Including :

High res ZTL Basemesh (4R8 ) - High Resolution subtools with subdivision levels

  • Body, Hair, Eyes, Teeth, Tongue, Underwear

  • Polygroups and Clean topology

  • Polypaint

  • Clean UVs

Game Ready Rigged Maya Basemesh ( 2018 )

  • 15278 triangle count

  • Topology for deformations

  • Skeleton Mixamo ready

  • Clean UVs

Substance Painter source ( 2018 ) - 4 texture Sets : Head, Body. Hair, Underwear

  • Fully layered file

PBR Texture Sets PNG - 4 Sets : Head, Body. Hair, Underwear

  • 2048 x 2048 Color + Normal + Rough + Metal + Ambiant Occlusion + Thickness

Marmoset Toolbag 3 scene - T-Pose and Posed model

  • Lightning setup

  • Materials setup

Rigged FBX Basemesh Static OBJ Basemesh Low res OBJ Basemesh (from ZBrush)

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