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Artistic Anatomy Essentials

Complete Human Anatomy Course

Learn human anatomy the easiest and the fastest way!

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This is a course for beginner/intermediate artists who want to learn and/or develop their understanding in human anatomy.

I've designed this course in a way that we focus on core essentials. I tried to keep the course as simple as possible but also packed it with as much as value as I could. I’m going to give you all the essentials, all the important stuff you need to get started. But the topics that require more time, I cover them briefly, and direct you to great resources if you want to go deep on them.

We’re going to start with general philosophy and approach, then we’re going to go over figure basics, like proportions, gesture and simplification, then we’re going to dive deep into skeleton and muscles, and finally we’re going to apply what we learn to figure drawing. And all the way through the course we will be working on projects, like the anatomy chart, some constructive écorchés and lots of other assignments.


  • Course Language and Mentor Support is English,

  • We will be using references that include nude models.

You will get 67 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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